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Cat House: how to organize the perfect interior for cat lovers

If there is a cat in the apartment, the owners have to take into account the needs of the four-legged friend. If you are an avid cat owner, do not pass by – designer Natalya Shatokhina will tell SuperDome readers how to create a stylish and safe interior for both animals and their owners.

Owner and creative director of interior design studio NS Interior Design. She worked as an engineer and estimator, studied the nuances of the repair and construction industry. She graduated from 3ds Max courses and began working as an independent interior designer.
A design project is always built around a specific person and his lifestyle. For example, if there are small children in the family, the room should be safe. And recently, the customer asked me to develop the interior design of a small apartment for her and her husband and … three active cats, whose needs the owners of the house put almost in the first place!

The result was a stylish and modern design, in which the cat accessories would look harmonious, and the animals themselves felt comfortable. I’ll tell you more about some points.

design of the apartment for the cat owner – living room interior

The golden rules of the “cat” interior
The first and most important rule of the “cat” interior is not to limit cats in their activity. Therefore, the planning of furniture involves space for running around and playing.
The second and no less important is the abundance of functional play areas on the walls and furniture (shelves, steps, openings in furniture, scraps).
Taking it as a basis, it is necessary, firstly, to protect our furry friends, and, secondly, to protect the interior itself from furry friends. But, all in order.

Ideas for cats in the interior: safety of a pet in the first place!
Balcony – a favorite place of all cats. If you live in an apartment and it is located above the first floor, you should put a fine grating on the windows.

It looks neat and almost imperceptible. After all, no matter how calm your cat is, in its soul it is a potential “killer” of birds flying past butterflies and birds walking along the cornice.
This option is suitable for a country house, if you do not want to let your pet go for a walk without supervision.

It’s nice to have a small play area on the balcony, because on nice summer days the balcony is a favorite place for a cat.
interior design for cat-lovers – balcony interior

Also, if possible, make the sill wide so that your pet can freely stretch on it and run without fear.

Warm and warm again!
Since winters in our latitudes are cold (as well as half of spring and autumn), and cats are heat-loving creatures, provide for a heated floor.

Everywhere, where there is a tile, the cat should feel pleasant heat. For this project, we chose tile “under laminate” (imitation wood imitation creates the necessary comfort).

How not to let the cat “destroy” the interior?
In order for the design of the apartment that you conceived not to fall into decay, when a cat puts its paws on it, there are several important aspects to consider:

Sofa and chairs with wooden armrests
As experience shows, cats most often “attack” this particular piece of upholstered furniture, so a hard surface is a great way out of their situation.

Such armrests automatically become an additional stand for cups.
Tell the curtains solid no!
Especially if you have more than one cat, then curtains, curtains, tulle are not for you (it will be destroyed in constant games and attacks on each other).

The alternative is roman blind. It perfectly protects from the bright sun, and also has many options for color and pattern.

No upholstery!
In the house where the cat lives, try to use less upholstery. Chairs – plastic or wood, solid seats (they can always be covered with special pillows).

interior design for cattery – kitchen interior

Thick surfaces
To prevent cats from scratching the window sill or other surface, use tabletops with a high level of resistance to mechanical damage.
Wall-walls …
No matter how many scratching posts we put, seals will still get to the walls. They have such a nature.

There are many high-quality protective paint, but under them you need a perfect alignment of the walls (and this is not cheap).

The alternative is decorative plaster imitating fine sand and the direction of vertical stripes.

Cats – not a sentence to the interior, but inspiration!
To make a design project of an apartment that will be not only convenient for the life of four-legged friends, but also stylish, absolutely real.

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