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Interior + Design

According to the Oxford dictionary, “toxicity” is the most popular word of the outgoing year. Everything unpleasant is connected with it – phenomena, products, people. Life at the speed limit implies a desire to find a “shelter” in the house and digital detox. Own well-being and the environment – new elements of well-being. How does the design industry respond to a query?

Design trends do not change every year, like seasonal fashion shows. This means that everything that you liked so much in 2018 will not cease to be popular in 2019. However, among pink and green instagram interiors, with spills of brass, terrazzo and velvet, in arched corridors and theatrical living rooms, the voices of those who master the language will be more convincing detox.

Autonomous house that does not pollute the nature – the dream of new citizens.

The theme of sustainable and ethical design continues to occupy minds. We are looking for ways to a new utopia: a society that respects everyone, based on personal responsibility, positive actions and optimism. In 2019, we are concerned not only about the environmental friendliness, but also about the durability of the things we buy. We do not want to buy much, we want quality and are ready to change the world.

In the summer of 2018, the European Parliament voted for a total ban on plastic tableware: plastic tubes for cocktails and balloon sticks are prohibited. The number of countries banning plastic bags is growing. The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have already passed laws banning microplastic cosmetics. Cheap plastic fakes (“disposable”, plastic furniture that quickly fails) fall into two anti-trends at once: as fakes and as goods incompatible with modern ethical norms.

The new generation is addressed the idea of ​​life without plastic – things from composites and recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Organic fabrics and vegan alternatives have become a hot topic. It is predicted that eco-materials will become commonplace: a rapid increase in production of lyocell and tencel, eco-leather and eco-leather has already been noted.

Soft minimalism of Paolo Ferrari. The curved back of the chairs, the curved back stools and the lines of the T Stool stool have something in common with the round table top of the dining table.
Experts state the return of interest in minimalism and soft minimal. Everyone is interested in concise forms, expressive voids, stingy gestures, air and purity of forms. Minimalism tastes all related industries – simple forms like designers, interior designers, architects. The aesthetes will admire the rhythms of Donald Judd and the gradients of Dan Flavin.

Confronting an informational squall, we want a visually clean interior. One of the home priorities is the pursuit of an organized home with an efficient and abundant storage space: with built-in organizers and additional compartments.

“Smart” equipment attracts along with handicrafts: rustic shells and ceramics with a jagged edge. Natural wood is necessarily adjacent to something shiny and smooth. We like techno craft and the work of makers. We are increasingly buying vintage and small items that distinguish us from everyone. We want to keep the warmth that the elements of the past bring to the house and we want to feel the quality of handmade work.

Young British architects, a married couple Zoe Chan and Merlin Eyrs, Chan & Eayrs, retooled the attic in the heart of bohemian Shordich in East London.

Exhibition by Philip Maloin and Calico. Design Miami 2018.
One of the main trends is a multifunctional item with a hidden internet connection. For example, smart mirrors and portable lamps with recharging for iPhone. Do not be surprised if in 2019 the mirror will blame you for the lack of vitamin D or that you are late for a meeting!

In a fashion – a dream. For a new generation of “sleeping” people who love a good and cultural sleep, they needed particularly comfortable beds, with a soft headboard, covered with textiles and, of course, equipped with bespoke mattresses.

Scale and asymmetry, perfect imperfection, feminine design and feminine line in design, rounded furniture and ornamental decor inspired by the 1970s, continue to delight the eye of the mod. Bay windows, comfortable armchairs, consoles, cylinders, puffs and screens, dressing tables and boudoir tables – all of this has come into common use, and not only in women. Transgender is the word that will increasingly be found in furniture collections and decor.

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