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Cheat codes: 9 tricks from the designer who work

It is clear that you will not solve all design problems in half a day. But if you just need to “shake up” the familiar interior or quickly create comfort in a new, just renovated one, use one of these methods.

1. Plant in the corner
Design courses say that filling an empty corner with a plant is moveton. The idea behind this idea is that if an empty corner appears, it means that you have missed something in the layout. But in the process of creating a design project, plants are often completely forgotten. Therefore, if you have a suitable place for a live green plant – put it boldly.

To make the plant look like a specially conceived element of interior design (and it did not seem like “this painting is very useful – it blocks the hole in the wallpaper”), make a choice in favor of very large, preferably with wide leaves, in tubs. These will not blend in with their surroundings.
Contemporary Living Room Contemporary Living Room
Plant container pick a simple form, but with a pronounced texture. For example, a clay pot or a knitted textile basket.

Rely on unpretentious plants with a height of about a meter, for example, lyric ficus (Ficus lyrata). A tall plant will visually fill the space.

2. Books
Of course, first of all books are needed for self-development. But with their help, one can also solve an infinite set of decorative tasks.

For example, if your favorite vase or figurine looks too small against a wall, put them on a couple of books. In this sense, books play the role of a pedestal. for sculpture. Or if one lamp on the bedside table is lower than the other, select the desired height of the book stack. So you will achieve perfect symmetry.

Books will be useful if you have an empty shelf or boring furniture, which does not interfere with decor. Put a couple of books in large format – and the problem is solved.

Tip: If you want the decor to be more neutral, remove the bright glossy dust covers from the books.

3. Transparent furniture
If the traditional interior with massive furniture and textiles looks too boring, dilute it with large and voluminous objects made of modern transparent materials (for example, from Lucite or acrylic). Such objects will “dissolve” in the interior and will not bring dissonance into it.

Play with see-through chairs, open shelves or acrylic lamps. Put a simple glass vase with one type of flowers (or without them) – and your interior will change.

Tip: Combine traditional and high-tech materials, such as acrylic and glass. This technique works great in interiors where there is a lot of wood: wood “unites” everything.

4. Color as an autograph
If you have a favorite color, feel free to use it again and again. The fact is that on different surfaces – on the dresser, plastered wall or wallpaper for painting – the same shade will look different.

My magic wand is white with the addition of a shade. For the projects in this and the next photo, I used Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray shade. In different interiors, he creates a completely different mood.

A single color in each of the rooms visually unites the room. And also try to ensure that the floors throughout the house are the same (where it is possible). Then the color of the walls and the floor will be a great combination, and in case of need it will be easy for you to rearrange the furniture.

5. Non-centered weight
Exactly hang a picture of the right size over the sofa can anyone. But if you think that a memorable photo or souvenir is too small, move them from the central axis. Hang the frames on the side and below the usual – asymmetry will look advantageous.

The same technique works in relation to the space above the shelves, fireplace or console table. Remember the rule: “lower and closer to the edge.” So you instantly turn the ridiculously decorated room into a stylish design interior.

Tip: Well, if the item that you put on public display, has a special meaning for you. Then your room will get an individual design, and not turn into a fashionable gallery.

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Cheat codes: 9 tricks from the designer who work
It is clear that you will not solve all design problems in half a day. But if you just need to “shake up” the familiar interior or quickly create comfort…