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Question: Why “no” is the best characteristic of the interior

This article is for the average person. The one who, most likely, makes repairs for as long as possible with the thought that he will live first with a minimum of things. And then gradually buy the missing situation or replace the current items with the best.

It is in such cases, my interior approach support. I have been practicing it for many years: in the interiors of my clients and, of course, in my own apartment.
Classic Lounge by Victoria Kyorsak. Victoria Kiorsak Interior Design
Victoria Kyorsak. Victoria Kiorsak Interior Design
Repair for ages – utopia
Being an interior designer, I spend my life in one form or another under repair. Whether it is a project or a stage of author supervision – repair is always with me. So it was from a young age. My sister and I spent all my repairs in repair. The mother-architect fearlessly repainted the three-room apartment in accordance with the current needs of the family. All this taught me to think that repair is not a problem.

Often people treat repair and its result as something that does not change. Like, it does not fix it and “they live with it.” Here I want to argue.

Interior fashion is changing, and the interiors of seven to ten years ago are already clearly visible (if not changed). I do not like this kind of conservation. I am for current interiors and constant changes. It can be repaired with small means, if you create a “good base” in the apartment and each time correctly prioritize.

Designer or for life
There are bright individual interiors, which are based on the Idea. As a designer, I love such projects. And moreover, if possible, I try to do them. It seems to me that they are very appropriate, if housing is not the only and not temporary and there is an opportunity for bold experiments. But…

Interiors with a strong individuality are couture. Handmade and copyrighted solutions. This is a conscious choice of owners to spend huge budgets. Such a project even grows old differently: it does not wear out and is erased, but becomes a symbol of time. But, again, this requires a large, very large budget.
Basic interior
Now I’ll briefly distract you and take you to the world of fashion. Having passed through the turbulent 80s and dashing 90s, in the new millennium, fashion has safely come to understand what basic things are, how to wear and combine them, without ruining and having a million different combinations of minimum things. Actually, the same happens in the interior world. Increasingly, we are thinking about “base apartments”, which – with the help of accessories and pinpoint changes – will remain relevant for the time.

If you know for a craving for experiments – create a basic apartment. What it is? This is a fairly neutral space, which allows you to make repairs and change housing in accordance with your mood, changing family structure or financial resources.

Search for “no”
When I work with clients, the best is my praise for finishing material or decorative elements – the word “no.” Having become accustomed to my terminology, customers are beginning to realize that by choosing a neutral base in this way, I am creating space for future transformations. In the future, it will live with them, gratefully accepting their new hobbies and changed circumstances and without requiring a radical rework of the whole framework.

My main advice is to choose neutral. Straight shapes, simple colors. Give preference to those objects that will not shout about themselves from every angle.
Classic Dining Room by Acante Architectural Studio
Architectural workshop Acanthus
The soundness of the basis is the main thing.
Creating a base, try to do it well, because it will serve you for many years. Do not save on hidden work, do not use props – for example, stretch ceilings. Do not strive to choose all the most beautiful (usually it leads to a feeling of cheapness in the interior).

I made repairs in my apartment 14 years ago, and already then I was guided by these rules. Needless to say, the creative itch did not leave me – during this time I repainted the whole apartment three times. At first it was light, with a terracotta bedroom (by the way, I found the best terracotta color, oddly enough, not from well-known brands, but from the national Parade paint). Then I wanted more color – and an accent mustard wall appeared in the living room, and an English green one in the hallway.

And finally, this summer I wanted to update the whole apartment. I changed the terracotta to the azure-blue Little Green 112, and the mustard one changed to the architectural gray-beige with a shade of umber. Otsiklevlev floors, we changed the shade of ignition for oak, giving it a more calm and cold color. So, having changed the apartment beyond recognition, I nevertheless incurred insignificant expenses, retaining the entire architectural foundation.

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