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Apartment in the studio: features of the arrangement of the studio apartment

In modern apartments, walls and partitions are increasingly disappearing as unnecessary, giving way to a free layout. SuperHouse will tell you what a studio apartment is and what pitfalls await in its creation.
A bit of history
Studios from a one-room apartment quickly found their audience – they became the traditional housing for young people and creative people.

In the 20s of the last century, the American architect, a native of Germany, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the famous Frenchman Le Corbusier began to implement the principle of free planning in the design of residential spaces.

In this role, they exist in Europe and the United States to the present day. In our country, such housing appeared in the late 90s. As a rule, this room is up to 40 m2 with kitchen, guest, sleeping areas and combined bathroom.

The engineering solution was that the living space was deprived of internal walls, except for those that enclose the bathroom and the bathroom. This made it possible not only to use the area of ​​the apartment more rationally, but also to significantly reduce its cost, since the construction process was considerably simplified before the construction of the main structures.

If you are determined to turn your apartment into a studio (if it is not in a new building), first of all you need to clearly find out which of the walls in your apartment are bearing and which are mounted.
The entire subsequent process of formalizing the redevelopment will require the preparation of documents and their approval by the relevant authorities.

Pay attention: when doing the registration yourself, be sure to specify the validity period of all documents, so that later you do not collect them in the second circle.

Studio apartment is a good option for young people who are not burdened with life, who love to receive guests and organize parties.

Such housing is also suitable for creative individuals, music lovers and home cinema lovers, as there is enough space for the correct placement of acoustics.

Like any architectural space, studio apartment has its advantages and disadvantages.

5 advantages of a studio apartment
Due to the lack of interior partitions, the apartment looks very spacious and bright, even with a minimum floor space and windows.
In such housing, due to the absence of corridors, the useful area increases substantially, while the division into functional zones is conditional and is carried out with the help of furniture.
In this type of housing, despite its modest size, there is no problem of small rooms – depending on the situation, the space can be reorganized into one or another priority function, for example, a dining room or a living room.
Transits are minimized in the studio apartment: the path between the main centers of housing activity (the working area of ​​the kitchen, the recreation area, the workplace and the sleeping place) after the demolition of the walls is significantly reduced.
For any kind of housing suitable any style of interior (except, perhaps, historical – Empire, Baroque, etc.), which significantly expands the design possibilities in its arrangement.
The main disadvantages of a studio apartment
Regarding the lack of housing in the “studio” format, we should mention the reasons that encourage apartment owners to venture on such redevelopment.

The main ones are: the desire to carve out additional meters and … a tribute to fashion. A peculiar paradox is that overseas studio apartments are popular because of their low budget. In our country, the transformation of an apartment into a studio cannot be called a budget event. And this is not the only drawback of such apartment transformations.

The very idea of ​​a studio apartment does not imply a personal space, respectively, the optimal number of tenants for it should be no more than two people.

In this regard, studio-type apartments are categorically not suitable for large families with children, because households, as a rule, of different ages and with different temperaments and may need a secluded corner.

An alternative in this case could be housing of a mixed type, for example, a two- or three-bedroom apartment, in which only one of the rooms is combined with a kitchen, while the rest remain behind the closed door.

Constructive scheme is not every building allows you to demolish the internal partitions. Accordingly, not all apartments can be turned into studios.
For any redevelopment of an apartment, including a studio apartment, you must first obtain permission from the relevant authorities. Such coordination may require time and additional financial investments.

The dismantling of partitions necessarily requires a revision of the schemes of electrical wiring, water supply, heating and ventilation. All engineering communications in the apartment will have to be completely demolished and rebuilt.
The absence of a wall between the kitchen and the living area leads to the spread of odors and noise.

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