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Proper bedroom for feng shui. And the most common misconceptions

More and more Ukrainians are turning to feng shui experts when building a house, and sometimes these services are not cheap. In order to make money, the Internet has again been flooded with “Chinese fakes” – legends about Feng Shui zones, figurines of heroes of Chinese folk tales. The latest innovation is the Feng Shui Christmas Tree.

To find out where is the truth and where is fiction, the editorial staff WANT addressed Vitaly Dyachenko, the author of the book “Skeptical Feng Shui or Work on Errors” and an expert of the Feng Shui Laboratory, which specializes in separating serious Eastern science from the husk. We asked: “How to equip a bedroom according to all the rules of Feng Shui?”

“This feng shui is complicated,” says Dyachenko. – Consider simple tips for optimal bedroom decoration. The first thing your feng shui wouldn’t work without is taking into account the surrounding landscape.

Balance of yin and yang: looking for a place of power for the bedroom
Bedroom energies affect the health, relationships, and … the social status of the inhabitants of the house. The berth is the Yin component of the interior. If yang is activity and light, then yin is calm, darkness and silence.

Feng shui categorically does not support sleep head to the window. To accumulate Yin energy, the room itself should be quiet. If there are hills outside the windows – the Yin element of nature – the effect of good feng shui manifests itself in full force. When choosing from several rooms, stop at the one that overlooks the hills or elevated ground level. Of course, there are exceptions.

It is erroneously considered that skyscrapers can act as mountains in the urban space. No, buildings are just boxes of air. Also hopes are placed on artificial alpine slides. Here the cause and effect are turned upside down: hills do not produce energy, namely the energy of the earth is the cause of the formation of hills; natural hills only serve as a hint. So the artificial mounds in Feng Shui are useless. But we are looking for a place of power for the bedroom, isn’t it?

Having identified the room, properly position the bed
Ukraine is a country of rivers and lakes. They are in the pits and lowlands. Pay attention to the view from the window and do not put the bed head to the side of the pit. On the contrary, turn it in the opposite direction, towards the hills (if you see them) or to a rise in the ground (if the hills are not obvious). Take a walk in the rain. This is not only romantic, but also helps determine where the water flows from. Places of power are there.

Absurd number 1: Favorable direction instead of the wall behind the headboard
Often, books start to bedroom feng shui with setting the bed head in a favorable direction according to the personal gua number by year of birth. This is a “favorite” topic for serious practice; most of the mistakes are born here. It is unacceptable to orient the bed in a favorable direction due to the orientation of the head towards the window. The second of two misfortunes is a big one. At the beginning of the form – then the formula.

The modern interior design uses glass partitions. If you go into the theory of yin-yang, glass is too Yang option to talk about switching from activity to rest. Neurologists have confirmed the Feng Shui version: the pineal gland secretes melatonin, a deep sleep hormone, in total darkness. If behind the head is a glass wall, stretch a plank with a thick curtain over it, and curtain over night.

The greatest absurdity is the bed on the diagonal of the room, head to the corner. This is fraught with disturbing dreams, shattered by the nervous system, poor health, and as a result in severe cases – divorce.

Absurd number 2. Bed frame material and room color
It doesn’t matter what the frame is made of: wood, metal or even plastic. The superstition that the bed should be exclusively wooden, is based on the inscription of the hieroglyph “bed”, which contains the symbol “tree”. Mandatory conditions are just a good mattress and stable legs. Leave the bed on wheels and air mattress for the hospital and trips.

Unimportant color, no beds, no walls. In the present feng shui there is no concept “choice of color scale according to the theory of five elements”.

“When I tell clients to contact the designer with questions on the color scheme, they come to a stupor. But this is a fiction, pseudo feng shui. Feng shui, first of all, is the energy of nature, landscape, and only then rooms. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of the main thing, ”says Dyachenko.

Truth: the correct form of the room
The best-shaped bedrooms are square or rectangular. Then the energies move smoothly. A room of irregular shapes is like a bent box for a cake. Projections, dents, triangular shapes make the energy chaotic and aggressive. It needs to be corrected, and, perhaps, with the help of wardrobes.

Buying an apartment, you should not chase the newfangled layouts. After all, when finalizing “feng shui” bedrooms, the price of real estate increases. Fortunately, developers have begun to understand this question, and lately they are leaning towards simple solutions.

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