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Cab with bonuses: choose a shower stall in the bathroom

Small dimensions and wide functionality – these are the advantages of modern shower enclosures. How among the many options to choose the most suitable model for decorating the shower in the bathroom?
A shower cabin saves not only the space in a bathroom, but also water, and the time required for taking bath procedures. It is believed that the shower is more hygienic than the bathroom – after all, soap and mud from the skin are immediately washed off with running water.

Let’s try to figure out which shower cabin is better to choose in order not to dilute the dampness in the house and make your bathroom more comfortable to use.

What is the shower
Regardless of the type, any shower must have sinks and walls that prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom.

The design of the shower cabin is chosen taking into account the place in which it is planned to be installed.

Ivertsy walls
If a future niche is envisaged for the shower cabin, an additional partition has been erected in the bathroom corner, it is enough to buy one wall that will perform the function of the door.

For the equipment of a cabin in a room corner it is possible to use two, three or four wall sections. One of the two straight walls will play the role of the door. However, most of these structures are hinged, which means that they are not very convenient from the point of view of compactness.

Save space designed wall of three or four sliding sections.
Rounded wall-doors are shifted parallel to the stationary. To protect against drafts and reliable connections, the joints are fitted with a rubber edging.

The designs described impose certain requirements on the walls with which they will be adjacent. The latter must have good waterproofing and be strong enough to withstand fasteners, weight sections and doors.

There are cabins that are closed on all sides. They can be installed in the middle of the bathroom or in case of problematic waterproofing of walls. In other cases, such structures are used for more complex hydromassage and steam boxes.

The most ergonomic version of the shower arrangement is a niche in the wall, closed by a door or even a curtain.
The second important part of the shower cabin is the drain. It can be equipped directly in the field or with the help of the finished pallet.

The easiest way to device drain – pan “offensive”. It is simply placed on the floor and connected to the drainage system, astenki closed tiles.
Installing such a pallet is simple, but requires some skill. First, level the floor, and then down the sewer pipe, which is connected with a drain using an appropriate socket.

For the latter to work properly, the discharge pipe must have a slope of 3-5 °. To the smell of sewage did not fall into the bathroom, use the siphon.

The pallet itself stands on adjustable legs. They twist so that the surface of the pallet was perpendicular to the wall. It is important that the joint wall and pallet had a reliable waterproofing. To do this, align the walls and seal the seams.

bathroom interior – how to choose a shower cabin

If the absence of a step is a matter of principle, the pallet can be installed in a pre-sharpened recess. In this case, the height is also adjusted using the legs. The joints are waterproofed with a sealant or edging of a special curb.

Shower Tray
Can be made of different materials:

Ceramic designs are the most aesthetic and massive. Last quality eliminates the possibility of sagging. Mounted pallet is quite durable, but inadvertent transportation or installation can be split.
Metal pallets are light and practical, but they create a lot of noise under water droplets. In addition, choosing such a structure, you need to take into account the weight of the swimmer: if it is above the norm, there is a risk of deforming the material.
Acrylic pallets are also widely distributed. This material is durable and warm: it becomes pleasant to barefoot, even if the hot water has not yet been opened.
It is better if the pallet cover is embossed, and therefore safer. Dimensions are important, because they determine the size of the structure and affect the ease of use.

There is also the option of a drain without a pallet – “sloping floor”. This is perhaps the most aesthetic of the proposed designs, but is also the most time-consuming.

To install a ladder (drain), make a hollow in the floor, drain the water, pour concrete and insulate the floor. On top of the tile is laid under a slight slope kslivnuyu hole.
Choosing the type of cabin, one can not forget about such key components as ordinary watering cans and multifunctional shower panels. The latter can be purchased both separately and in the kit, when they are mounted in the cabin.

Best showers – functional boxes
If simple washing is not enough, you can pick up a multifunctional cabin. Of course, the more the system can, the more expensive it is. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately determine what is needed for comfort, and what can be discarded.

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